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March,17 2005

Front shock mount before lowering

Picture of chock mount


In the hopes of actually being able to finish this project we have opted to purchase all of the body panels. We do realize this makes the concept of building these cars for under L 600 fade ever farther into the sunset. We could see this happening after we bought the coil over shocks. But as long as we spread out the purchases we should be able to simulate a locost build.
Eric contacted GTS Tuning and ordered 3 sets of panels in British racing green. Starting with the nose cone we begin to attach the panels. First problem we encounter is the shock mount. Turns out that they need to be below the top of the space frame. The following pictures show the before and after of relocating the shock mounts. We had extra mounts left over so we simply cut the ears off the old mounts and welded new mounts over the top of them.
NOTE! When building the space frame place front shock mounts below top of frame.

The first picture shows the mount as we initially placed it. The picture below shows Vicky,s car with the already lowered mount