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March 18, 2005

Trial Fitting Nosecone

David holding Nosecone


The first body panel we fitted is the nose cone. You could just as well start with the boot section as it is to be fitted next and its location is not affected by the nosecone.

This is the only panel that needs the Dzus fittings. And even then they could be exchanged for screws if quick access is not wanted to the parts under the nose. With our placement of the radiator just ahead of the engine we will not have to remove the nose to check the coolant level. However we are going to attach the grill with Dzus fittings so we can use the space just inside for tool storage.

First be sure to place some shims on top of the frame of about the same thickness as the flanges on the side panels. Next notches will have to be cut were the frame protrudes from the sides. Use a sharpie marker to draw a cut line and cut and fit with care as this cut will be visible in the finished build.

Notches will have to be cut for the two upper Dzus fittings (see Pictures) These notches will have to be extended about 3/4" farther to the rear to allow the nose cone to clear the Dzus brackets. This notch will not be visible from outside. The Dzus bracket is bent so it lies flat against the nose or else the Dzus fastener will crack the fiberglass of the nose.

The easiest way to insure alignment is to fasten the Bracket to the nose before tacking it onto the frame. After everything is tacked remove the nose and finish welding.

The same technique will be used for the lower bracket. A notch is also cut from the nose flange to facilitate easy removal. (See picture)

Pictures not yet available