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The House Band is Stanley and Liz Keach, Cynthia Phinney AND as many sit-in musicians as fit on the stage. Band members Carrie Keach and Maisie Libby are off at college for the time being, but sometimes make it to the performance anyway.. Here is our tune list as of December of 2005, and we still usually play most of these..
Sit-in musicians get half-price admission to the dance.

Reels #1
Rakes of Mallow - G
Jigs #1
Moon and Seven Stars - D
Flop Eared Mule - D
Road to Lisdoonvarna - Em
Joys of Quebec - A
Anne Sheehy's Jig - D
Reels #2
La Bastringue - D
Jigs #2
Lark in the Morning - D
Girl I Left Behind G
Cock o' the North - G
Jubilo - D
Jigs #3
Jig of Slurs - D
Reels #3
Morpeth's Rant - D
Caliope House - E
Angeline the Baker - D
Red Wing - G
Jigs #4
Health to the Ladies - A
One Horned Sheep - G
Reels #4
Redhaired Boy - A
Steamboat - A
Over the Waterfall - D
Around the Horn - G
Jigs #5
Old Joe's Jig - D
Cliffs of Moher - G
Reels #5
Sally Gardens - G
Kesh Jig - D
Sleep Soond i' the Mornin' Am
Spootiskerry - G
Jigs #6
Old Favorite - G
Out on the Ocean -G
Reels #6
Reel de Montebello
Indian Point - Em
Jigs #7
Four Potatoes G
Reels #7
Mackilmoyle's Reel - D
Jump at the Sun Dm
Lord MacDonald's Reel - A
Fair Jenny D
The High Reel - D
Planxty Irwin - D
Reels #8
Farewell to Whiskey G
Si Bheag Si Mhor - D
Frosty Morning Am
Bridget's Mazurka - D
Flowers of Edinburgh G
My Cape Breton Home - G
Enrichez Voux - F
Reels #9
Whiskey Before Breakfast D
South Wind - G
Colored Aristocracy G
April Waltz
Kitchen Girl A mixolydian (2 sharps)
Finn Schottische - D
Off to California -


Red Wing - G