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March 25,2004

David and Paul discussing cup holder (right)

Arial view of transmission tunnel (below)

David and Paul  

The Transmission Tunnel

With the engine and the transmission in place, we still need to know the location of the rear end drive shaft connection before we can fit the tunnel framework. We find that the B-210 rear end seems to be an easy fit. We are pleased to find that the lower cross member does not have to be cut. The frame section located behind the seats is strongest if the bottom chord is left uncut. To maximize interior space we are fitting the tunnel pieces as close to the drive shaft as possible.

The diagonal frame pieces that are fitted on either side of the engine add a lot of strength to the frame. Without them, the scuttle cross member would flex excessively. We added the diagonal on the right hand side of the engine, but chose to wait on the left because the location of the pedals and the steering will determine its location.

It is a lot of fun discussing possible uses for the top surfaces of the tunnel. After locating the emergency brake handle, space is left for switches gauges etc. - maybe even a self stirring drink holder resting on a cam attached to the drive shaft! (ha ha)


Air view of frame