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March 6, 2004

Paul and David checking engine fit.

Checking Engine  

Engine install : Before constructing the transmission tunnel it is advisable to fit the engine and transmission into the frame. This gives an actual reference point for all the critical components: starter exhaust, gearshift lever etc. Of interest to B-210 builders, the engine fits perfectly. It is an attractive engine with a classic style valve cover. The exhaust leaves the stock manifold on the back left hand side with room for a 90-degree elbow directing the gas out the left hand side panel.

We placed the engine as far back as it would go about ½" before the starter motor bump on the bell housing hit one of the vertical H pieces. This is also important because the gearshift lever would be hard to reach if the engine was any farther ahead. As far as the vertical placement goes we deviated slightly from the book's recommendation of not having the oil pan protrude beneath the frame more than 1". If we set the engine and the transmission mount 2" beneath the frame, (we used the stock rear transmission mount), not only do we have a car with a lower center of gravity and more room under the bonnet for the air cleaner, but also the transmission tunnel can be about four inches narrower in the area or the transmission mount. The only potential problem we can see is the whole works could get ripped out the first time we hit a bump in the road. This we feel would be not so very good. Expect a test drive report later to report on the matter.