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New tunes may be submitted to the Recreational Arts Committee at least nine (9) working days prior to any regularly scheduled function of the New Sharon Volunteer String Band and Auxiliary (now the Racket Factory), except in the case of exceptionally good tunes as defined by a plurality of the NSVSB&A (Racket Factory) members actually present at said function, or at a rehearsal either regularly scheduled or impromptu, or by impassioned plea either in person, by phone, or a third party known to be impartial; exception invariably granted in the case of any or all tunes that all present and potential NSVSB&A (Racket Factory) members admit to either knowing, wanting to know, liking really a lot, or having heard in memorable circumstances which they wish to duplicate or preserve (unless fearing that undue repetition will lead to contempt). Bylaws may be amended by simple voice vote, punchcard ballot, or little slips of paper but if you fold the paper your vote won't count.



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