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Newly installed VIN. Number on Vicki's Locost

VIN# Picture


Registering story

Vicki's Locost is going to be finished first. Our first idea for getting our car licensed was to register it as a Datsun B-210 as it is or was. The insurance company frowned upon that approach. They did allow that they would have no way of knowing what the car was as looking at the car was not something that they do. However if there was a problem they were sure that they would use the somewhat drastic modification to the B-210 to void the policy. Also their might be a problem getting the inspection sticker as the inspection people do tend to look at the car.

Our search led up to the State Police who can provide a new vehicle identification number. They are not going to check the vehicle for safety. They are in charge of guaranteeing that the components used in the car have been paid for and are not pieces stolen from other people's cars. A title from the doner car goes a long way to proving ownership. Also keeping the receipts from all the other parts bought along the way is a good idea. We also showed the Locost build book so he could see that this not all that uncommon. This process can take time. Up to 30 days is common. The best approach would be to call for the VIN number at least 60 days before the car is completed. The car does not need to be done, only the major components need to be in place and the scuttle (or wherever the number is going to be attached) is installed.

After convincing himself that all was in order, the officer attached the number with a rivet gun and cordless drill he brought with him.