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January 22, 2004


Paul with 3 frame noses

Photo of Paul with Noses  

Day 1 frame build.

We decided to start with the nose assembly because parts LB & LA are compound angles and if we could get those right every thing else would be easy. Through discussion and debate & trial and error it was discovered that LB & LA are in fact the same part, and that the angle on one end is the reverse of the angle on the other end. This being discovered, a horizontal band saw with a tilting table was used to make the first cut. After that the piece was pushed against a stop and all 6 pieces were cut faster than you can tell the story.

A temporary welding jig was clamped to the table and David welded the 3 noses together using the mig welder. Afterwards Paul heated up a tin can of water with the cutting torch for tea. He claimed it was in keeping with the Britsh tradition of Locost building.